Friday, August 2, 2013

The August Break 2013 - Day 2 - Circles

I don't need to walk around in circles,
Walk around in circles, walk around in circles,
Walk around in....
~ "Circles" by Soul Coughing

Reading the prompt for today, circles, I thought where am I going to find circles as I go about my day?  And circles were practically staring me in the face first thing in the morning, right on my pajamas.  Or "jams," as my young niece and nephew call them.  
I actually encountered a lot of circles in my day.  It seems to be true, when you become aware of something, you see it everywhere. 

See you back here tomorrow!

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  1. You really DID find a lot of circles!

  2. And there were others I shot but didn't post! I could hardly NOT see circles yesterday.