Sunday, August 25, 2013

August Break - Day 25 - Sunday Morning

"I wanna be high, so high 
I wanna be free to know 
The things I do are right 
I wanna be free, just me, babe 
That's why I'm easy 
I'm easy like Sunday morning"
~ "Easy like Sunday Morning" by Lionel Richie

Good morning!  I had never actually listened to all the lyrics of the song.  It's a break-up song.  Leaving the woman is so obvious, so easy to do, it is as easy as a Sunday morning.  The other thought was Maroon 5's "Driving Slow on Sunday Morning."  Once I looked at those lyrics, I think "driving" is actually a euphemism...  Anyway, Sunday mornings should be easy, so I went with Lionel.  

Astute readers may notice I've gone from Day 23 to Day 25.  I'll come back to Day 24.  It is another prompt I made up for myself, birthday.  I have a lot of photos to go through, so I thought I'd knock out Sunday morning while it is still Sunday morning.  

Bike to the neighborhood diner for breakfast with friends

Coffee and paper before friends arrive

Sunday outfit is braids and yoga clothes.  
With the current hair length I have a bit of a
Pippi Longstocking thing going on.

Time to trim the rose bush, which is out of control, and has 
been taken over by chokeweed / Morning Glory.  I'll probably 
leave since untangling in a rose bush seems a losing proposition.  


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