Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why write?

Today is the last day of an online writing course I've been taking with Tammy Stroebel of Rowdy Kittens.  It was only three weeks long, but has somehow amicably slipped into my daily routine.  I'm feeling a little sad at the course's end.  Tammy and the other participants are so warm, so supportive, it really gave this fledgling blogger a boost.

The notice of the course was actually the kick I needed to get a blog started.  I had a niggling in the back of my mind for awhile to begin one.  Earlier this summer I was given a friendly nudge to start writing, perhaps a blog.  Serendipity struck in the form of "Writing in the Digital Age."  I've been working on trusting my intuition, and signed up straightaway.  As the start date approached, it gave me the deadline I needed to get up and running.  

One of assignments we had was to consider why we write.  At the time of the assignment I had given it some thought, but hadn't put anything "to paper."  It became clearer to me this morning while at a group meditation.  After the meditation, the facilitator invited us to share our experience.  One, sharing allows the experience to be integrated at the cellular level.  And, two, more related to writing, it helps us realize we are not alone in our experience.  Each of us has a unique story to tell, but pieces of our stories overlap.  We recognize our story in others' stories.  Sharing helps us feel more connected, less alone.    

At the outset, I didn't realize how much I'd enjoy writing.  I liked writing as a child, but hadn't done any as an adult.  Sure, there were academic papers in college, but even that was some time ago.  Until recently, writing tended to be increasingly brief correspondence.  Similar to why I like photography and yoga, the pointed concentration is a respite from the random fleeting thoughts.  Writing, photography, and yoga all encourage me to slow down, notice the details.      

Thanks , Tammy, and all the talented writers (and photographers!) at "Writing in the Digital Age, Summer 2012." Such an eclectic group, dispersed all over the world.  I will miss our daily lessons, but look forward to keeping connected through our writing.  



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