Thursday, August 9, 2012

Picture book, a-scooby-dooby-do

Day Eight
(a day late)

Hello!  Sorry I am late with Day Eight.  Honestly, I forgot until it was bedtime.  I try to be strict with myself about getting to bed, especially when I get up early to teach yoga the next morning.  I was distracted last night.  When I got home, there was the usual - dinner (stir fry) (Thanks, Adam!), dog walking, feeding the pets, garden watering.  


Yay!  My new camera arrived!  This has seriously been about a year and a half process.  Most of that time was spent wishing I had a nicer camera and admiring them from afar.  My father even gave me some birthday present money toward the purchase, and Adam gave me a gift certificate for a how-to-use-your-camera class.  

And then, a few weeks of action.  Researching, asking, looking, holding, comparing prices, and reading reviews.  I went with the Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  It seemed the right mix of upgrade from the point-and-shoot, room to grow and experiment, not too overwhelming for a novice, and price.  Between the Canon and the Nikon 5100, the Canon felt more at ease in my hands.  Thanks to all that gave their advice.  I'm excited to get shooting!

I didn't do much more last night than unpack it, put the lens on, charge the battery, push all the buttons and switches, and take a few random pix.  

I also had a webinar to "attend"!  Another interest of mine is aromatherapy.  Every couple of months Aura Cacia has a free webinar on a topic.  Very informative.  They also issue handouts for use after the webinar.  If you'd like to catch the next one you can get info on their website or friend them on FB.  

Wishing you time to explore interests of your own!


Picture book,
Na, na, na, na na,
Na, na, na, na na,

"Picture Book," The Kinks

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