Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The August Break 2012

What, taking a break already after only two posts?  No, not that kind of break!  The August Break, started by blogger Susannah Conway two years ago.  The intention is to enjoy the month, and the last of the summer, by being present through photography.  And for the folks that have been blogging longer, a respite from the rigors of longer blog posts.  The project itself is to post a photo every day for the entire month (more or less, it is a break after all).  So, here it goes, a month of photographs!

You can read more about The August Break on Susannah's blog.  If you have a blog, join in!  I'm new to Susannah's blog.  As happens on the interwebs, I found it through another blog, RowdyKittens.  Great name, eh?  The blog isn't actually about kittens, but dwelling in a "tiny" house, simple living, photography, writing. 

Savoring the last bits of summer!




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