Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer of love

Day Nine
(back on time)

I'm not much of  a car person, I could take them or leave them for the most part, and pay little attention outside of listening to "Car Talk".  But I am obsessed with Mini Coopers and old VW vans.  Especially the camper vans.  This van has been for sale for a few weeks, I pass by 2-3 times per week.  My apologies for the photo quality, it was taken from the car (I was stopped at a light), and it was raining.  I understand from old Click and Clack the vans aren't all that safe.  Hey, I did learn something listening to those guys!

It's the summer of love, love, love
I'm in love with love, love, love
For everyone transcends here
I'm thinking of you, boy
Love energy is giving us a shove
Making this the summer of love  

"Summer of Love," The B-52's

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