Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wheels spinning 'round - ceramics week one

I took a ceramics wheel throwing course, oh, 15 years ago, when I worked at the Art Institute of Chicago.  A perk was free courses at the School of the Art Institute.  It was a non-credit class on Sunday afternoons.  Lately, my fingers had been asking to do ceramics again.  But it was actually a search for a photography class that led to taking a ceramics class now.  It is another non-credit class, with Northwestern University's Norris Mini Courses.     
Our first class was primarily introductions, review of studio procedures, and how to get started demonstrations by the instructor.  We spent some time towards the end of class on the wheel.  It was as fun, and hard, as I remembered.  I think my fingers did retain some little bit of knowledge, I didn't feel like I was starting from zero.  We'll see how it goes this week when we have more time on the wheel.  I plan to arrive a little early, as I have to leave promptly to get to photo class.  We're welcome to use the studio any time it is open, giving priority to classes.  Here are a few photos from last week.  Not sure how many I'll get each week, it's hard to use a camera with clay-covered hands!



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