Thursday, October 10, 2013

Piefest XIV - The Event

Whose pie will reign supreme?

Sorry for the gap between posts about Piefest XIV!  To recap, Piefest is an annual event hosted by Evan and Sharma.  For details on our entry, check out the previous post.  Evan and Adam have both worked at Jellyvision for many years.  This year's Piefest was a little smaller than last year.  Which was just as well, the rainy weather had the event indoors and the space was bursting.  Also better for my stomach!  I learned previously it is important to pace yourself and practice portion management. 

Piefest has several categories.  The winners are selected democratically.  Everyone in attendance at the time of voting can fill out a ballot, regardless of pie entry.   

Miscellaneous (anything not of the previous three)

Awards are given in the individual categories, as well as for:
Best Crust
Best in Show
Most Ambitious
Best Presentation
Most Original


Nectarine and Raspberry Galette
**Winner - Best Fruit and also Best Presentation**

These were very delicious, and I thought a very clever idea for sharing! 


*Winner - Most Original*

I didn't catch the name if this, it was banana and I think chocolate,
and the crust was something with Golden Grahams.
*Winner - Best Cream*


Ga Lei Gok (Curry, Water Chestnut, and Beef)

*Winner - Best Savory Pie*

Ali Baba and the Forty Leaves (sort of dolmades in pie form)


*Winner - Best Crust*

*Winner - Best Miscellaneous Pie*
It was very delicious, and had the advantage of still being a bit warm. 

I apologize, I don't know who won Best in Show and Most Ambitious.  We didn't stay for the results, and didn't learn the winners until several weeks later when we saw Evan and Sharma at another event.  Not sure if I asked and forgot, or I forgot to ask.  So, we didn't emerge victorious, as last year.  But we did place second, which is pretty good considering it was a very crowded field and all the pies were quite delicious. 

Although I have a full stomach from dinner and even ate farmer's market cherry pie for dessert, thinking about Piefest still makes me want to eat pie!

Wishing you much sweetness in your life.


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