Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fall Leaves

Photo 1 - September 24

Many thanks to all that followed along with the Fall Leaves Time Lapse Series on Facebook.  Given how cold and grey the fall has been, it seems ages ago.  Finally, I've put all the photos together.  It's nice to look back and see some color and sun. 

For those who aren't familiar, I took a photo every few days of a tree in our back yard.  I was surprised at how long the process took.  It always seems to me one leaf turns and the rest drop almost instantaneously.  It was well over a month for this tree.  The last few leaves clung beyond the last photo, until there was a rather windy storm.  It was also interesting to see the tree didn't change uniformly.  The leaves changed and fell at different rates side to side.      

Photo 2 west side - September 26

Photo 2 east side - September 26

Photo 3 - September 29

Photo 4 - October 2

Photo 5 - October 5

Photo 6 - October 8

Photo 7 - October 12

Photo 8 - October 15

Photo 9 - October 19

Photo 10 - October 22

Photo 11 - October 25

Photo 12 - October 30

Photo 13 - November 1

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