Sunday, March 30, 2014

Forty-two gratitudes

It is a few days past my forty-second birthday, but it is not too late to do my annual list.  A list of things for which I am grateful, that make me happy, or just improve my life in some way.  Some big, others small.  The list will include both important and silly.  After I finish, I'll look back on my list from last year.  The list isn't in any particular order, just as I think of things.  

1)  I am grateful for my nieces and nephews, and their unique personalities. It has been a pleasure seeing them grow and develop.  Every age has been a delight.

2)  I am grateful Adam gets along so well with my family! 

3)  And, I am grateful for the family I married into, I couldn't ask for better.

4)  I am grateful for warm cups of tea.

5)  I am grateful for photography, it makes me happy.

6)  I am grateful for ceramics, and the creative, inspiring community at ARTica Studios.  

7)  I am grateful for the time spent in Florida.  

8)  I can't imagine a life without yoga, so so so grateful for it.  

9)  A good night's rest.

10) Our comfy bed.

11) Cat snuggles.  

12) Books books BOOKS!

13) Grateful for the nice birthday Kindle, I'll finally be reading in the modern era.  

14) Although it is a time suck and has its drawbacks, I am grateful for Facebook and the vast online community it creates.  

15) I am happy the crocuses have made their appearance, the brave first flowers of spring.

16) I am grateful to have many good options available to me.  

17) I am grateful for my freedom.

18) I am grateful for the house I live in, the food in my belly, and abundant clean water.  

19) I am happy for the capacity to learn and grow.  

20) I am grateful for NEW friends!  It gets harder as we get older, so happy I am still making connections.

21) And grateful for the continuity of long time friends.  

22) Grateful for my lovely sisters and our dad.

23) Happy to spend extended, casual time with my aunt and uncle in Florida.  

24) I am very happy my little old Nissan Sentra keeps plugging along.  

25) I am very grateful for wool socks and big thick scarves that help me combat the chilly weather. 

26) Favorite restaurants, where they know just what you are going to order.  

27) I am quite pleased with my new short hair.

28) King Spa, why did it take me so long to go there?

29) Massage, ahhhhh!

30) Newly painted toe nails.

31) Ginger chews.

32) Podcasts!

33) Receiving personal letters / cards in the mail.

34) Music.

35) I am grateful for my bicycle, and time to just nose around aimlessly.  

36) I am grateful for the free time I have had this year.  

37) I am grateful I have made it to 42!

38) And I quite like the symmetry and evenness of 42.  

39) Grateful for hot baths with Epsom salt and essential oils.  

40) Grateful for the hot water bottle that keeps my feets warm in bed.  

41) Thank you, Keen, for your sturdy shoes.  

42) Love you, Amazon Prime.  

Leave a comment with something for which you are grateful! 

Check out the first list 41 gratitudes.

May you be safe from internal and external harm.
May you be physically strong, healthy, and vital.
May you have a calm clear mind and a peaceful loving heart.
May you find wisdom, wonder, joy, and love in this world
Just as it is.  


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  1. What a wonderful list. We have many things in common and relatively close in age (I'm 45). Some of the similarities..cats, books, photography, I love ginger chews and massages and podcasts too (my fav are The Moth, The Lively Show (I recommend you check this one out), This American Life and Stuff you Missed in History Class. Happy Belated Birthday

  2. Hi Christina! Thanks for stopping by the blog and your comments. So many good podcasts, so little time! Thanks for the suggestions.