Wednesday, March 27, 2013

41 gratitudes

 Me and Holly the Dog, 
both in our youth,
at the house in Crystal Lake.

Today marks forty-one years times I've been around the sun.  Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes, by phone, email, post, and Facebook.  I appreciate each and every one!  I tried to thank everyone individually, sorry if I missed you. 

While out at dinner Adam asked how forty-one felt.  Really, much the same as forty.  Now I am technically IN my forties (forty is on the cusp of the forties, not quite IN the forties, a minor detail, I know).  And, more or less the same as thirty-nine, thirty-eight, and thirty-seven.  Maybe even thirty-six.  I feel good.  I think I understand myself better, and what it takes to keep this mechanism running smoothy.  A work in progress, for sure, but I think I have a better handle on it,or at least more resources to figure it out.    

To mark the occasion, I thought of forty-one things for which I am grateful.  Some big, some small, some more things I really like and enjoy.  Not in any particular order.  Sort of as I thought of things, and the day went along.  I would love to hear some of the things for which you are grateful.  Please leave a comment here on the blog or on the Facebook page. 

1)  Loving family, both the one I was born into and the one I married into.   
2)  Dear friends
3)  That I found (and could marry!) a wonderful, funny, smart, resourceful, reliable, handsome, thoughtful companion to share this life adventure.
4)  Enough monetary resources to cover our expenses
5)  Pocketmoney for treats

6)  Good health
7)  Strength to lift and replace the bottle on the office water cooler by myself.
8)  How reliable my car (Audrey) has been, despite my less than stellar maintenance.
9)  Cat snuggles
10)  Dog enthusiam
11)  Gardens

12)  Having choices!
13)  Tea.  In particular - Organic India Original Tulsi and Guayaki Yerba Mate Chocolatte.  
14)  Coffee
15)  Springtime being near

16)  iPhone ease of use, especially the camera and photo sharing.
17)  Sushi
18)  Mangoes
19)  Warm comfy bed and new pillows
20)  Adam making dinner
21)  Adam being so handy and taking care of so much around the house.
22)  The color blue
23)  Yoga

24)  Massage
25)  Lunchtime outings to Lurie Garden
26)  The beach
27)  Biking around aimlessly
28)  Books
29)  Photography
30)  Neti pot and nasya
31)  Vira 2 mug

32)  Sleeping in
33)  Steam rooms, especially if eucalyptus scented
34)  Birthday serenades from my sisters, nieces, nephew, dad, step-mother, bother-in-law.
35)  Artistic e-greetings from my niece and nephews, thanks to Tom for technical assistance.  
36)  Tasty dinner at friendly neighborhood restaurant with Adam
37)  Enjoying some wine made by our friend
38)  Getting an ollocip (camera lens) for iPhone, part of my birthday present.

39)  Figuring out how to fix the computer monitor after the cat walked on the keyboard and turned the display sideways.
40) Music
41)  A nice chat with my sister, with whom I share a birthday.  
Be well!  Wishing you much joy and peace in your life.

Be well!  Wishing you much joy and peace in your life.

Tara :-) 

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